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Saratoga Builder, Capital Construction, “Green Homes can be energy-saving and stylish”

Wilton – The phrase “environmentally friendly home” probably doesn’t conjure up an image of a $1.2 million, 3,600-square-foot house in a 22-home Wilton development.

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Capital Construction Goes For “Green” in New Home Subdivision

Green Building is not a new concept, but technology and materials have evolved.

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Form function and aesthetics essential when building green

When I built my first “green” house I didn’t know it was green. It was green not so much by design as by luck, a bit of common sense and the wisdom gained from having done it “wrong” in the past. When I say it was “wrong” I mean in comparison to what I have come to think of as the basics of green building. That is, building homes that are durable and long lasting, low-maintenance, energy efficient and healthy. Not just healthy for the larger environment, but healthy for the people who live them as well.

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