Functional & Efficient Green Homes

When most people look for a custom home builder they think aesthetics and good design. Capital Construction is a custom home builder who understands the importance of good design with the added value of functionality. Homes must be attractive. They must have curb appeal. But at the same time they must function efficiently. A balance must be struck between practical issues and good design to create a home that will satisfy both aesthetically and economically over time.

Being a Custom Home Builder means we go beyond the minimum standards established by Building Code. We build to a higher standard. We strive for the pinnacle where form and function meet.

This means higher energy efficiency, lower maintenance requirements and a healthier living environment. While the upfront costs are higher than those associated with conventional building techniques and technologies the payback to the homeowner over time is greater. The resultant product is one that out performs conventional construction in all fields as measured by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ( ), the Energy Star Program ( ), the National Association of Home Builders ( ), and the Energy and Environmental Building Alliance ( ).

The concept of good building practices, i.e., the means and methods of construction as prescribed by modern Building Science research, and custom home building should be one and the same. As home owners continue to grapple with high energy costs, health concerns and the need for a more sustainable way of living they will demand this standard. Stainless steel appliances and master showers large enough to double as a car wash will be of secondary concern when considering a builder in the future.

Today’s buyer is thinking about how they can live differently to conserve energy, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, breathe cleaner air, generate less waste and be environmentally friendly.

And so, in response, the custom home builder must think differently about how to build a house. One must consider how all the pieces fit together to improve and enhance the qualities of the individual parts so that the sum of all the parts is a superior product. This is a whole house approach that adds value not just for the homeowner but for the builder as well. It means fewer call backs, less warranty issues and happier clients.

Custom home builders must be professionals who continue to learn and stay current. If not, the market will leave them behind.

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