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“Green” Building Development In Wilton

Louden Ridge, located just four mile east of Northway Exit 15’s burgeoning commercial corridor, is not your typical housing estate. This small community of custom homes is being created with the environment in mind. And when builder Frank Laskey talks about the environment, he doesn’t just mean the area’s pristine county forest that surrounds the property, he also means the environment within the house.

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Passive Energy, Active Savings

WILTON-Luxury home buyers can cut costs as well as help the environment at a subdivision featuring homes with alternative energy sources.

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Building a Responsible, Resource-Conscious Residential Environment

The walls are stuffed with old newspapers, the stones are from a nearby lake, and the floor is grass. No, this isn’t the vision of Willy Wonka’s crunchy cousin; it’s high-end residential construction with a focus on environmental responsibility. And it’s happening here.

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